‘Daft Punk is playing at my house’ was rerecorded with a punk twang in Radio 1’s Live Lounge last year, and we’ve only just heard. Slaves’ rendition of the LCD Soundsystem’s classic featured on their deluxe edition 2015 LP ‘Are You Satisfied?’ The Kent duo always find a way to smash through the conventions and produce a uniquely aggressive track.

Listen to it here:


Unfortunately Radio 1 didn’t seem to record video of the sesh, but still it’s surprisingly catchy and thrashy. Considering they’ve converted the track from 2005 techno to two-piece punk, Slaves have done an incredible job. James Murphy would be proud.

Here’s the original:


Want more? Slaves have ripped up a couple more punk outliers in the Live Lounge. Here’s some of the best:


BONUS: If you didn’t know already, Calvin Harris also paid homage to ‘Daft Punk…’ in his 2007 album ‘I Created Disco’ on the opener ‘Merrymaking at my Place’.


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