Eighties mega-star George Michael died at his home in Oxfordshire¬†his publicist announced yesterday. In celebration of his iconic back catalogue, here’s three covers of his most recognisable hit ‘Faith’: the good, the bad,and the ugly.

~~~The Good~~~

Okay, so it’s not going to be everyone’s taste, but John Mayer and Karl Urban’s rendition of the classic is objectively well played. They encapsulate the groove of the original and add their own country twang. It’s good.

~~~The Bad~~~

Metalhead’s like me rate this highly, but the average 43-year-old ex-Wham fanatic might see it differently. Limp Bizkit take ‘Faith’ and slam their style down it’s throat. Trying to get the eighties generation to like this is like throwing a dwarf into a mosh pit; it doesn’t end well. Hopefully I’m over-generalising. But for now – it’s bad.

~~~The Ugly~~~

Louis Theroux is a heartthrob by himself, he doesn’t need a brilliant impromptu acoustic sesh to be any better of a man. But still, he shows up every other male of the human race by stealing hearts with his cover of ‘Faith’. This was during his Televangelism episode of Weird Weekends. Check out the video, the actual version is pretty beautiful but the video quality of this… it’s ugly.


RIP George Michael, I’ll never forget that your genius also gave us one of Zoolander’s best moments too.


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