American stand-up Louis CK delivers a gut-punch about a crushing defeat.

Picture the scene: Louis and his daughters playing Monopoly all happy and jovial, until… BAM. He renders his kid bankrupt. Everyone’s been there before, and the dent it leaves in your pride can’t be pull out.

“I gotta look at her little face and go, ‘Okay, so here’s what’s gonna happen now, okay? All your property, everything you have, all your railroads and houses, and all your money… That’s mine now. Gotta give it all to me.”

But when you listen to Louis describe it in his words, he makes you see it from the kid’s perspective so defeat is just that bit more crushing. Youtube video essayist Nerdwriter breaks his joke down and analyses each little bit.

So how does Louis CK make this decimation so funny? Watch below.


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