At Hunche Magazine we love to hear the stories of all types of artists.  A couple summers ago, I came across a SoundCloud page that belonged to a music producer by the name of MacBassick. He’s a very talented and low-key individual who has shown his dedication to music with some instrumental mixtapes over the years. Mac has produced for many artists in the past. He seems to love to play behind the scenes producing – he never sings or raps. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a phone interview with him where we talked about music, collaborations, and being part of Chef Boyz.

HUNCHE: How long have you been producing and how did you start?

Mac: I’ve been a producer about 4 years now. I started off playing the bass in church, but in high school I was playing basketball and didn’t have the grades to continue. That’s when I got into producing because a lot of my family members are into music.

HUNCHE: What is your favorite song that you’ve produced?

Mac: All of them – I don’t have any real  favorites, but the ones older than 2014 aren’t that good to me.

HUNCHE: Who are some of the more reputable artists that you’ve worked with?

Mac: I can only think of Gio Dee from Boston, I produced his song called Ride for Mine.

HUNCHE: Favorite (rap) album production? Why?

Mac: Tough question. I like College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and Jay-Z’s The Blueprint. I like Late Registration the most, it has the least amount of ‘skippable’ songs and overall good vibes.

HUNCHE: Do you produce with a specific artist or sound in mind?

Mac: No, I just create whatever I feel like making in that moment without thinking about who fits the song’s sound.

HUNCHE: Who are the Chef Boyz and how did you become part of that?

Mac: It’s Gio Dee’s group in Boston MA. They’re a collective of talented niggas. Gio came across a beat that he liked, we worked together and then he told me I should join his group as a producer around November.

HUNCHE: Can you explain that a little more – what you guys stand for, the genre of music & different talents in the group?

Mac: Yeah, there’s no specific genre- I’m not that kind of guy that only produces for one genre of music. I go with whatever sounds good. Other people in the group play instruments and the group makes music that everyone would like – not just trap music or rap. I love versatility.

HUNCHE: Do you think your sound is going to change anytime soon?

Mac: My sound will never change- only improve. I’ll always be myself, and I’m looking forward to improving my skills.

HUNCHE: What’s your favorite non rap/hip-hop album?

Mac: Robert Glasper – Black Radio. I think it is beautiful jazz music, the production is kinda ridiculous.

HUNCHE: What are you most excited about in terms of projects that you’re releasing this year? When can we expect to hear Revamp & what should we expect from it?

Mac: My personal project called Revamp is coming soon. I’m excited because it’s about starting over, which is what I had to do since my computer crashed and I lost all my music. The new material will be way better than before. The theme is growth and reinventing myself. Gio Dee’s mixtape Never Going Back is coming soon too and I produced a few songs on there.

HUNCHE: I noticed you co-produced a song called Love Ting, how did you like doing that?

Mac: I coproduce a lot with my bros, I think it’s a really good way to collaborate. I have a few co-producers on Revamp.


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